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Image by Hu Chen

Uganda 2020

Improving Oral health across the world- A life changing experience.
"In 2019, I applied to be a part of the mission to Uganda Africa with Build your smile foundation. This organization that started, was established in 2018 by Dr Izach Barzilay and the 2020 mission, was its seventh trip. According to statistics released from Ugandan Ministry of health in 2014, there are 200 dentists, 300 dental officers, and 300 public health dental officers to serve a population of 42 million citizens. There are no words to explain my experiences during this two-week adventure, that happened in January and February 2020. The need for dental services in Uganda is overwhelming people of all ages come in droves hoping to receive services from this amazing team. 
After a lengthy travel to Hamurwa Village, Uganda, we continued our journey throughout the time we were there setting up shop in churches and schools using makeshift dental tables. Most facilities did not have water, hydro, or lighting. Our working environment consisted of generators, head lamps, bottled water and a lot of determination from the team which is how this mission operates. 
As an experienced denturist, practicing for over 25 years, I have never witnessed mass production under the circumstances in such short period of time. We were given tasks and after tasks were accomplished we work together supporting one another as needed.
We laughed, we cried, we sweat, we sang, we danced but most of all we were impacted by the urgency of the need for our services. Most of us who were part of this experience will never be the same; the gratitude and emotion from these patients is beyond anything, that can be explained. I urge more dental professionals to support this organization by volunteering and I challenge all suppliers to donate. I thank Dr Izach Barzilay and Build Your Smiles Foundation for this unique experience."
Brenda Claire Vodusek D.D
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