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Cosmetic Dentures

We've all seen cheap dentures- maybe you've worn them yourself! And we know that they never look like the wearers real teeth. A custom, cosmetic denture from Vodusek Denture Clinic can be designed to fit your face- they can even look like your natural teeth!


Our patients often have friends and family comment on how great their faces look. (Don't worry- no one needs to know it's because of dentures. Your secret is safe with us!) Done right, a good pair of dentures will make your face look more full- they will uphold your lips and cheeks, smoothing the effects of wrinkles. 


At Vodusek Denture Clinic we take before and after pictures. Some patients bring in old pictures or a magazine picture (any information is helpful!). At our try-in stage we recommend that you bring in a friend or family member to see the sample product before they are completed. Here at Vodusek Denture Clinic we care about your smile!

Don't know which denture appliance is right for you? Have questions that aren't answered on our website?



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