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At Vodusek Denture Clinic, we offer a range of services and denture appliances to help you live a more complete and happier life. We offer standard and premium dentures.


Some of our services include:


Our denturist will analyze your mouth, assess your bite, ask questions, look at old pictures, evaluate existing dentures (if applicable) to determine which denture appliance will benefit you the most.

How Do I Know Which Denture is Right?
What can a Premium Denture Do for You?

While standard dentures fit comfortably and chew well, they are designed with a basic tooth shape and shade. Premium dentures provide increased functionality, using a harder tooth. Premium dentures are often recommended for patients whose oral tissues easily shrink or for those that have an unusual jaw relationship (bite).

At Vodusek Denture Clinic, we offer quality bite guards made of soft plastic. These mouth guards offer superior protection for your teeth, cheek, and tongue during physical activities such as sports. Matching team bite guards also available.

Mouth Guards

People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during the night – often for a minute or longer. At Vodusek Denture Clinic we can fit you with an oral appliance specially designed to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Anti-Snoring Devices
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