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Reviews & comments from satisfied patients

My Dentures Are Beautiful!

From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I was made to feel at ease and greeted pleasantly by staff. Brenda took time to educate me regarding dentures. She was very professional in her approach and for me the most important things she exhibited much compassion and understanding and encouragement. We proceeded through each step together, so that I could be satisfied with the final product. Brenda tok the time to call me from Toronto to see how the extractions went and even opened the doors on a Sunday evening to alleviate some soar spots. My dentures are beautiful."

- Lorraine

Fast, Friendly & Fun Service!

I was never able to wear an upper denture until I got my implants. My only mistake was that I should have gotten implants years ago. The doctor was amazing and the procedure was pain-free. The service at the denture clinic was fast, friendly and fun. I smile and people don’t even recognize I wear a denture. "

No More Discomfort!

Before my implants, I was never able to eat steak, corn on the cob or apples. I always had some sore spots on my lower gums because my dentures were always moving. Now that I have implants, I know what a steak tastes like and what lower denture stability is. I now have no more discomfort. "

No More Snoring!

 I sleep good with it, It isn’t bulky, no snoring, my wife is happy, it is not uncomfortable. Anybody want to buy a CPAP machine?”

- Omer

I am less self-concious!

My teeth make me feel beautiful, and I am comfortable to smile again. They make me look younger and I am less self-concious when speaking with people." - Lizette

More Confidence!

I am very satisfied, I highly recommend Brenda, and I already have done so. I eat better, digest better, and have more confidence because of my smile.” - Susie

Ils sont très comfortable!

Mon dentier du bas me faisait telement mal qu’il était plus souvant dans l’étuit que dans ma bouche. On aiment tellement aller manger au restaurant mais avec mon dentier du bas, je ne pouvais plus mastiquer ma nourriture normalement. Je n’ai jamais eu de chagrin d’avoir faire installer des poteaux. Ils sont très comfortable et ils ont été la résolution pour mes problèmes. J’aimerait remercier Brenda pour l’information qu’elle ma donner, elle à été très professionelle. "

Very Professional!

Thanks to Brenda and her staff. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the very first visit. The are all very professional, friendly and super quick...with great results. My dentures are comfortable, fit well and look great. I love my new smile!” - Tarja

Splint Worked Wonderful!

Great work! Splint worked wonderful to open my bite, and I have a great new denture. Thank you Brenda and staff at VDC”

- Candace

I Feel Younger!

Very, very satisfied with the service, great job. No more sea-bond for me, I feel younger!" - Viviane

They Feel Natural!

“I feel great, they feel natural, never took the bottom out since I got them. I was sunken in my face before, and now I feel more full, I look healthy! I love it!”- Denise

So Grateful!

Dear Brenda,


You are an amazing Denturist and I am so grateful for the excellent work you did on my dentures. They fit perfectly. So much so, that I forgot to take them out last night when I went to bed.


You have made a world of difference in my life and eating is once again a pleasure.


I commend you on your amazing talent and effort for doing such a good job.  What you did takes talent and skill and I will be forever grateful because of that.


Thank you SO MUCH!!!


- Carole 

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